Winter Sports Incoming

Winter sports of the 2022-2023 season has officially begun.

There are 25 wrestlers signed up for the team, making it the largest team ever coached by Marcus Clements.

“I was surprised to see how many people are wrestling this year; usually kids are scared to be on the wrestling team,” said Peyton Mccoy, a former CHS wrestler.

The ACE team made their debut the last week of October, with nearly double the amount of players than last year. They’ve had two matches since then, with current standings of 2-4.

“I’m surprised with our numbers; last year, some of our practices would only have three kids,” said senior Samantha Woods, “So far, our standings are pretty on par with how we played last year. I just hope we’ll pull through these next couple of matches.”

Women’s basketball tryouts ended just yesterday with JV and varsity with 13 people total with eight on varsity and just seven on JV.

“All of the varsity this year is good there is not one weaker link than the other. I think we will win every game with ease but have some trouble with Patrick County,”  said Duchess Rodgers, a senior on the varsity team.