Student Concerns About The Upcoming Driver Ed Exam

Students are mentally preparing themselves  for the upcoming drivers ed exam.

Many students are using various techniques to help them study for the exam so they won’t fail.

“I write down all of my notes on index cards,” said sophomore Amario Henry. “That way I can carry them around and study them whenever I want.”

“I usually take two hours of my day and use them to study,” said sophomore Tania Brown. “I always turn calming music on to help me study.”

Many students have topics they have found hard to comprehend. Not all of the notes are common sense and can take a lot of thinking to understand.

“One topic I found hard was Module 5,” said Henry. “The time intervals didn’t make sense to me no matter how much I tried to understand.”

“I don’t think Module 3 really clicked for me,” said Brown. “I couldn’t understand the curb and lane positions notes.”

Students find some topics to be the easiest topics to understand and have no problem with remembering them.

“The easiest topic we learned was identifying the color and meaning of road signs,” said Henry.

“Module 1 was really easy for me,” said Brown. “Most of it was common sense that didn’t require critical thinking and it was a really short topic.”

Many students are not confident about passing the exam. There are some students who have a little confidence and feel they will pass by a little.

“I personally think I will pass, but only by a little,” said Brown. “I find it impossible for me to get all of the answers right, but at least I think I can pass.”

Some students can be intimidated by the number of questions rather than what each question ask. Other students may be uncertain because they haven’t had enough time in class to cover each topic since gym and drivers ed run together.

“I’m not really confident in taking the  test and I’m sure I may fail,” said Henry. ” Though it’s because I don’t think we’ve had enough time in class to go over each topic, and I still don’t understand half of the notes we’ve taken.”

There are some students who believe that the packets they have been getting helps them more than their notes.

“Our  packets explain everything better than the notes,” Said Henry. “All of the notes in the packets are better explained and provide more information than our notes.”

“The packets help a little bit,” said Brown.  “Though it’s hard to find some of the answers online since they’re not in our notes.”