SOL Preparation

Students are currently preparing for SOLs.

SOLs can be very stressful.

“I’m nervous about not passing,” said Lily Scarce, sophomore.

When it comes to passing a SOL preparation is key.

“My biology SOL is going to be really hard so I’ve been studying like crazy,” said Mariam Afify, sophomore.

There are many other ways to prepare for an SOL than studying.

Getting a goodnight sleep and eating a good nutritious breakfast/lunch beforehand can help with your concentration during the test.

“I always try to get a goodnight sleep the night before and have a breakfast in the morning,” said Susannah Wilkinson, sophomore.

It all depends on the student if they are prepared for their SOL or not. Paying attention in class, studying, and doing homework all plays a roll in you test score.

“I don’t need to study,” said Colin Norris, freshman. “I’m already prepared for my SOL; it’s going to be easy.”

“As long as I try my hardest I’m okay with whatever grade I get,” Katelyn Robinson. “I have a world history SOL, but I feel prepared.”