Cavaliers Take on Tunstall in Basketball

Lady Cavs beat the Trojans 80-4, but the Varsity boys lost 42-90.

“It was an easy win. Tunstall isn’t a very strong competitor,” said Xaviana “Duchess” Rodgers, senior.

The boys basketball team couldn’t say the same, with scores of 39-97 and 42-90 in their last two games against Tunstall.

“It was hard losing like that, but don’t count us out before the season’s barely started; we’ve got better things in store,” said Kendall Sanders, a senior.

Last years season was 9-10 games.

“We lost a lot of good players. A lot of last year’s seniors were prime players for us,” said Jonovan Coles, a junior.

Last year, the girl’s basketball team finished first in the Dogwood District, with an overall of 16-3 last season.

“Our team isn’t huge, but we’ll still come out on top this year. Our seniors from last season are still rooting for us, so we’re gonna make them proud,” said Trinity Brooks, a senior.

The girls basketball team will play GW High on the seventh, and boys basketball will play on the 12 at Magna Vista High School.