Marijuana Edibles Are Rising in Popularity

Edibles are food products infused with marijuana.

Eating marijuana is more becoming a popular way to consume the drug than smoking it.

There are many kinds of edibles including: beverages (shots), baked goods (brownies), savory snacks (chips), hard candy (lollipops), and gummies, which are the most common form of edibles.

According to , edible cannabis products are commonly used to treat poor appetite, pain, and weight loss in people who have cancer.

Additionally, these products may reduce pain and muscle spasms, relieve nausea and vomiting, enhance sleep quality, and improve anxiety.

The downside of these products is that they are getting into the hands of underage teenagers.

According to my survey, 18 out of 44 students admitted to  trying these edibles.

That is roughly 41 percent.

With the help of drug dealers and plugs, (a person who has the ability to get or supply hard-to-find items, especially drugs), it is easier than ever for teens to access and get to these now legal drugs (for adults) in Virginia.

Even convenience stores are supplying and selling them to teens. Many of them don’t ID the teenagers.

“It’s heartbreaking to know that other teens are getting into these things at an early age,” said Kendell Sanders, senior.

Teenagers can be oblivious to the fact that even though marijuana has some positive side effects, it is still a drug.

“People don’t understand that weed can be a gateway to hardcore drugs, such as cocaine,” said Semiyah Royal, sophomore.

In fact, the most common gateway drugs are alcohol, marijuana, nicotine, and prescription drugs.

These substances are relatively easy to get and may lead to harder drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

“Once these substances stop giving you that “high” or feeling that you’re looking for, you will start to look somewhere else to find it, “said Messyah Felder, senior.

Fixation with these substances can be overcome by setting reachable goals, identifying your triggers, and building a strong support system. See a trusted adult for help.