First Semester Exam Schedule

2022 Fall Semester Exam Schedule

Chatham High School begins exam season next week Dec. 19-20.

Lots of prep work goes into studying.

” I have one exam next week; I plan on studying my exam guides provided by my teachers,” said Autumn Brady, senior.

” Next week I have two exams and I’ve been studying non-stop for them,” said Samantha Woods, senior.

” I’ve prepared flashcards to study for my Spanish III exam,” said Hannah Wilson, sophomore.

” I have no exams; I studied really hard  and made sure my work was turned in on time,” said Allye Brown, senior.

” I have one exam for my Journalism class; I plan to study really hard to make sure I pass,” said Katelyn Robinson, junior.

” Next week I will take my Journalism exam; I will ask my teacher what I should study,” said Aiden Conner, freshman.

” For the upcoming week, I will look over my review sheets for my chemistry and cosmetology exams,” said Zaniyah Russell, senior.

” I have two exams next week; I’ve asked my teachers for reviews and prepared flashcards,” said Eli Kazmier.