Semester One Struggles

Struggles are a part of all high school students.

With exams approaching and classes ending, students are having both increased relief and stress because the year is nearly half over.

“I’m  happy and stressed because I’m almost halfway through high school,” said sophomore Tildon Motley.

While some students are ending the semester with what they’d say is their hardest classes, with others it’s the complete opposite.

“My next classes are hard but I’m excited for English” said sophomore Grace Stowe.

“I like this semester,” said Motley. “My classes were easy.”

Classes are not the only stresses students are facing.

The struggle to reach an A average for their classes has students scrounging for any extra points they can get to be exempt from their exams.

“I’m so close to an A but can easily drop to a B,” said Stowe.

Despite the stress, Grace still doesn’t regret taking her classes, “but they were still stressful.”