Christmas Movie Marathon

Students have lots of Christmas movie preferences.

Christmas movies are streamed on thousands of devices, and people love to watch them to get into the holiday spirit.

Home Alone 3 is my favorite Christmas movie; it gets me into the Christmas spirit, ” said Sean Davis, senior.

” My favorite Christmas movie is Santa Claus Comes to Town; it’s a good classic, ” said Ryan Wells, senior.

”  The Grinch is my favorite Christmas movie, ” said Christina Falls, senior.

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas is my favorite, it brings back childhood memories,” said Jalen Martin, senior.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town; I have liked this movie since I was a kid,” said Aiden Conner, freshman. 

  ” My Favorite Christmas movie is Elf, it always makes me laugh,” said TJ Bradley, senior.  

The Polar Express is my favorite because I love the emotion of the movies and how playful it is,” said Chris Murry, junior.