Thoughts on the Spring Semester

It’s been three weeks since students were back in the doors of Chatham High School, and it is officially the start of the 2022-2023 Spring Semester, but what are students thoughts on being back in school for the last semester of this school year?

“It’s not as bad as I anticipated it would be, but I don’t like having to do so much work,” said Autumn Cassell, a sophomore.

Mary Ross, sophomore, also said,”I enjoy being at school and talking to my friends, but I don’t love all of the work.”

Being in a new semester also means being in classes with new teachers and students. “So far I really like my students,” Bailey Broussard, a sophomore, said. “The students in my new classes are pretty engaging with conversations,” Broussard added.

“So far I love all of my teachers; they seem like they are going to help me understand everything very well,” Cassell said.

With there being so many new things going on in school, there are also things that maybe not all of the students enjoy. “I wish teachers wouldn’t pile up work so quickly, that’s how everything gets so behind,” Cassell said.

“I just wish the days were shorter so we could have more time at home to spend with family and that the grading scale would change, which will happen next year,” Ross said.

There are four months left with the spring semester before this school year ends, maybe the opinions of CHS students will change by then.