The Best Coffee Experience

Many different coffee shops offer the popular beverage to people in Danville and Pittsylvania County.

Calland’s Coffee, Link’s Coffee House, Crema and Vine, and Starbucks each offer different types of experiences.

Calland’s Coffee is the best coffee in Chatham. Located on Main Street, they roast their own beans ordered from all over the world. The owners are warm and friendly and make your drink to order. They will grind your beans fresh for you, and you can purchase their products all around the county in retail outlets. They also sell a wide variety of Delite Donuts. There is no seating.

Starbucks has a good track record thanks to it being popular all around the world, but with it being so popular also means that they are usually busy. For popularity reasons, the lines are long, especially the drive thru lines. It’s welcoming, the workers are friendly, yet because there are a lot of people wanting Starbucks, the wait time can vary from instant to an hour.

Link’s Coffee House is not as busy as Starbucks depending on what time of day it is. The line can be long, but the workers are very fast, and the food comes out very quickly. There is an open area for seating so it is a comfortable place to drink your coffee or eat your food.

Crema and Vine is somewhere that people visit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are often bands that come and play there. It does not have a lot of space to sit inside, but there is lots of all-weather seating outside under the patio.

Link’s Coffee House, in my opinion,  has the overall best experience out of the three places. They serve quickly, have more variety, have a big space to sit, have  outside seating, and have free WiFi.