Opinions on Danville

Many Danville stores and restaurants have closed forever the last decade.

This has lead many to develop a negative outlook on the city.

“I’ve lost my feelings for Danville,” said junior Dixie Parsons. “After being here for all my life, I’ve seen so many places leave that it’s become boring to hangout in town since there is nowhere to go.”

“Danville is getting more and more trashy by the day,” said an anonymous freshman. “I don’t believe that Danville will get better even with the new things coming in.”

While there are many negative opinions, there are people that have positive outlooks on Danville.

“I personally think that Danville is fine,” said freshman Katie McGhee. “Even though there are not a lot of good places that are already in town, it can still be entertaining sometimes.”

Despite new stores and restaurants coming in, there is still controversy on whether that Danville has a bright future.

“I believe that Danville could have a bright future if done right, but I’m not crossing any fingers,” said McGhee.

Caesars’ Casino will bring changes.

“With all that is coming into town, I think that there is a chance that Danville will be back to how it was 10 years ago, with stores filling all of the empty spaces in our shopping markets and people excited to go to the mall again,” anonymous said.