The Falling of Media

The stocks of the biggest streaming services dropped significantly during 2022 due to the competition that continues to grow.

“Across the sector, it’s chaos,” said Mark Boidman, head of media and entertainment investment banking at Solomon Partners. “Everyone has been saying for years that technology is going to change the media world, and it has.”- Source

Netflix has seen a big loss, having a surprising drop in stocks and subscribers. When Netflix reported it lost subscribers in the first quarter — the first time in years, they started exploring an ad-supported, cheaper option for customers, which the company has said it wouldn’t do.

“Netflix is worrying me, especially with the new policy about password sharing coming in; I don’t know what will happen after it’s in effect,” said junior Dixie Parsons.

Disney’s stocks have also gone down due to everything being shut down during quarantine in 2021. Most recently stocks fell due in part to a lower-than-expected opening box office weekend for “”

The Way of Water was not as good as I hoped,” said sophomore Autumn Cassell. “Disney has been putting out things that are not as good as they used to be when I was growing up.”

Warner Bros. has plans moving forward, they want to combine HBO Max and Discovery this year, as well as Paramount Global and Comcast’s NBCUniversal.

“HBO Max has been one of my favorite things to watch since it came out, but I fear that it has too many things that it wants to do that might go wrong in the future if not done right. Stocks are not my thing but I do know that multiple companies are declining because of the shift in the media,” sophomore Lane Burke said.

Even with the decline of these companies, there is still hope that the streaming services they provide will continue to entertain people all over the globe.

“I am not fond of stocks, but I’m sure people, as well as myself, are hoping that these companies do not fall down, but continue to grow and entertain us with what they produce,” Parsons said.