Public School but Private Parking

Many students believe it is unfair to pay to park at a public high school.

Students feel that it is too expensive to pay $30 for a parking spot that only lasts a year. That translates to .16 each day.

“It’s mighty irritating that I have to pay for a spot when I have to go to this school,” Graham Heath, a senior, said.

Some students felt that it was too expensive to pay for a parking pass and the price should be reduced. Jaden Thompson, a sophomore, said, “I feel robbed having to pay that much for a pass when I also have to pay for gas each week.”

The parking lot is sometimes crowded and other students annoyingly take each other’s spots. Many agreed that it would be beneficial to the students to add more parking. There is potential space beside the softball field and near the concession stand.

“It gives room to the people with bigger vehicles and it also allows people who couldn’t get a spot in time to have a chance to get one,” Colin Lester, a senior, said.