Do You Like Valentine’s Day?

Surprisingly, Valentine’s Day can be quite controversial among students.

The day dedicated to love is met by some people with scorn:  by others with jubilation.

The opinions often varied by sex.

Overall, most male students could care less about the holiday, while most of the girls seem to enjoy it a little more.

“It’s not pointless, but I could go without it,”  said Carrington Aaron, senior. “I personally do not celebrate it.”

Other students agree. “It’s definitely a pointless holiday,” says Austin Smith, senior.

Some students didn’t like it because they don’t have a significant other to spend it with. So instead of doing something with a girlfriend or boyfriend, they tend to go out and spend time with their friends.

“I’ll either stay home or go out to eat,” said Landon Mcdaniel. “There’s a home basketball game that day so I’ll probably just go to that,” says Aaron.

“How I celebrate the day depends if I have childcare,” said Coach Hall. “If I do, I will take my wife out to eat.”

The ones who have significant others tend to go out to eat and get each other gifts such as teddy bears, flowers, and chocolates.

“I enjoy giving gifts such as flowers and candy,” says Jaedyn Thompson, sophomore.

“I like getting things such as a teddy bear, chocolate, and flowers,” said Kyndall Moore, sophomore.