Students Thoughts on Super Bowl Halftime Show

Rihanna singing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show shocking fans with her pregnancy announcement.

Many students have different opinions on the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

“It was comparable to others; Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement was the only thing that really stood out to me,” said Taylor Giles, sophomore. “My favorite part about the show was Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement. It was very iconic. In my opinion, the commercials were better than the actual halftime show because they were more interesting.”

“This year’s halftime show was just as good as the other ones,” said Alexandra Smotherman, sophomore, “I didn’t really have a favorite part of it; I loved it all. Something memorable about the show was the dancers and the decorations that Rihanna used in her performance.”

“This year’s halftime show was worse because of the dancers,” said Ryan Meadows, senior,” My favorite part was the Chiefs winning, because I had a bet. I think George Strait should do the halftime show in the future because he is the best, and we need an amazing halftime show. I think better dancers and more people singing would have made the show better. I liked the commercials better than the halftime show because one of them was about Jesus.”

“I think that it was better this year because of the pregnancy announcement,” said Allison Duffer, sophomore, “I really didn’t have a favorite part about the show. I think that Morgan Wallen would have made the show 100 times better. I liked the halftime show better than the commercials.”