Aim for a Debt-Free College Experience

Scholarships are a great option to help students avoid massive debt when getting a college education.

Options include joining the Armed Forces, applying for grants and scholarships.

Students must swiftly apply and then qualify for scholarships. Some do not offer an extraordinary amount of money, but some are substantial when it comes to the monetary influx and can relieve your debt burden.

“In most cases, I and my fellow students would get jobs and try and squeak by,” Ms. Miranda Quarles, college adviser, during her time in college.

At times it can be hard to earn money through grants as there are multiple applicants at a time. If you get a grant, it will really help you. There are grants that can pay for your entire college without you having to take a cent out in student loans.

The second most popular way of paying for college is joining the armed forces which can ultimately help students pay college in full. Many students who go into the military do so in order to alleviate  debt or in order to serve the country while still having their education paid for.

“I’m probably going to join the military after I graduate from [high] school so I don’t have to pay for college,” Bryton Bernardez, senior.