Rihanna’s Halftime show performance

Pop star Rihanna performed at the 2023 super bowl.

Her second pregnancy was apparent as she performed, so her performance was sort of an announcement.

Critics took this to social media to take shots at Rihanna’s performance.

“I think it was terrible,” said freshmen Cole Ferrell.

While there are negative opinions, there were also some positive ones.

“She did so well,” said sophomore  Lily Scarce. “She ate it up.”

“She was great when she started,” said sophomore Isaiah Younger. “It was 10/10.”

While Rihanna performed, her swollen belly shocked fans as well as her own father.

“She got another baby,” said Younger. “I was not expecting her to have another baby when just having the first one not too long ago.”

The 2023 halftime show has had some mixed feelings with the people that watched, with all the controversy there are still things to enjoy about it.