Senior Night: Boys Basketball Edition

Senior Night is a night held to honor the seniors’ last year playing on a sports team.

Chatham High held their senior night for the boys basketball and cheerleading team recently.

“Senior Night is important to me because it’s our last game to enjoy the home crowd and atmosphere,” said Kendell Sanders, senior.

It was an emotional night for them because they honored the memories of their fellow seniors, Charlie Hendricks and Joshlyn Hunt.

“Unfortunately, I never received the chance to meet these two unique individuals. However, they have my full support and utmost respect,” said Qualiq Scott, senior.

The underclassmen were excited for Varsity to win against Dan River on their senior night after two losses back to back.

“It was an interesting game, seeing the boys play with all their hearts was a great feeling,” said Jaedyn Thompson, sophomore.

“We were beating them so bad that they couldn’t recover,” said Antonio Luck, sophomore.

The gym was decorated with posters, balloons, streamers, and more.

“Seeing all the love and support for our JV team, who set up the gym for us, made me feel complete” said O’Brian Coleman, senior.

The support that was shown, the memories that were made, on top of winning the game against Dan River made senior night even more special for the Varsity Boys Basketball team.