Students Crushed By Coach Brown Leaving

Tunstall High School will get a new head football coach next fall.

Chatham’s Offensive Coordinator Kirkland Brown is leaving CHS for the position.

Coach Brown has only been with Chatham for a year but has left a big impact on our players and students.

“I’m proud of him for getting a head coach position, but it hurts for him to go to our rival school,” said Isaiah Harris, junior.

“He has taught us so many things on and off the field; I hope he accomplishes great things next year,” said Kendell Sanders, senior.

“Coach KB was always so positive and knew how to keep us calm under pressure during our games; I’m going to miss him,” said Ethan Leftwich, sophomore.

” I am excited for a new opportunity; however, it is bittersweet leaving students and staff members. I’m really appreciative of all the administration at Chatham for giving me the opportunity to be here, and I will always be grateful for the memories I’ve created here,” said Kirkland Brown, Offensive Coordinator.