The Pain of Track Conditioning

Track conditioning has been held for the last two weeks on Mondays and Wednesdays on the track field.

Students believe that track conditioning is very difficult and find themselves in a lot of pain in the days following.

Conditioning was a struggle this season.

¨I don’t think that I will be going to tryouts coming up,¨ said sophomore Kayle Santiago, ¨They put us through a lot and pushed us until one girl got sick.¨

Students from last year are already quitting and find it more difficult than it has been in the previous years.

¨I was in track last year, and it was not this hard,¨ said sophomore Carmen Royal.

Most students that used to love track have grown to hate it and will not be doing it in the future.

¨ Track used to be fun and now I hate it,¨ said an anonymous junior, ¨Something has changed, and I don’t like it.¨

On the other hand, some students still love track and are excited for tryouts coming this March.

¨A lot of people are talking about how bad track conditioning is now, but I think it is great and I can’t wait to see if I make the team, ¨ said sophomore Amario Henry.