College or Work Force?

Students say going to college after high school will increase career stability, satisfaction in knowledge, and the ability to make an impact on the community.

Other students say taking a break from school helps them mentally and physically.

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“Going straight into college after high school will be a number one choice for me because I will be earning more money, expressing my ideas with students and faculty; the quicker I go into college, the faster I can start my future with more knowledge graduating college then going in,” said sophomore Heidi Tosh.

“I want to get college out of the way and pay off all my college debt so I can get a better financial rate,” said freshman Sydney Scarce.

“I will not be going into college after my high school career just because I want to get a feel for what being in control of my life is like and also to get some experience financially being alone out in the real world,”said freshman Sophie Doss.

“Yes, going to college out of high school has benefits for me. I will be going to play baseball in college while taking all my study class I will need for my future. Going straight into college after high school prevents me from forgetting all my previous knowledge,” said senior Carrington Aaron.