Prom Dress Code, Is It Unfair?

Students are excited for prom, but some students are mixed about the fairness of the prom dress code.

“I feel like we should be able to wear whatever we want and feel confident, but the school won’t allow us,” said Autumn Brady, senior. “For example, I would like the rules to be more lenient about mesh placement. Mesh is the skin-tone fabric that is transparent and usually on the torso. I would like mesh to be permissible when it shows the midriff.”

Some students believe the dress rules are fine as are.

“I agree with the dress code; I like that it’s there to keep people from showing too much skin around others,” said Samantha Woods, senior. “Prom should be elegant and formal.”

“Most of the adults believe that we want to dress promiscuously when we really just want to look good and not feel boring,” said Olivia Leftwich, senior.

“I don’t mind the dress code, I’m just excited I finally get to attend prom and have fun,” said Will Anderson, junior.

Women’s Dress Code:

  • Dress shoes are required
  • No under garments should be seen
  • No revealing necklines
  • No see- through material
  • The back of the dress should not go below your belly- button
  • Dress slits should not be above four inches on your knee
  • No two piece dresses, your stomach must be covered

Men’s Dress Code:

  • Dress shoes are required
  • Must wear apparel such as tuxedos, suits, or dress pants
  • No undergarments should be seen
  • If shirt is even slightly transparent, undershirt must be worn
  • no hats are permitted
  • Dress shirts are to be worn at all times

“I think the dress code is fair; if we don’t have any expectations, then they will never be met,” said Mr. Jason Ince, AG teacher.

Here are some examples of outfits that are appropriate to wear to the prom.