Summer Jobs

Many local high school students search for good summer jobs.

Students have trouble balancing out sports, after school clubs, and classwork during the school year, so students get jobs during the summer when they aren’t as busy.

“I love Bricktown Brewery. They give me good hours and work with my schedule during the summer,” said Emilee Blevins, sophomore. “I work weekends only, for about eight hours total. I am a hostess which means that I take phone orders, I seat people, I can also serve food. I cannot serve alcohol tables. I love the owners; everyone is very nice to me. We are currently hiring; check out the online application.”

“I recommend retail jobs. They keep you busy, but you won’t be overwhelmed with everything. You get to meet new customers and make some new friends as well,” said Samantha Woods, senior. “I worked at Journeys in the Danville Mall. This shop was laid back; employees could wear what they wanted and express their personalities in their attire. They have several positions open. I saw this on”

“Chick-fil-a has always been good to me. Their rules are kind of strict on what I can and can’t wear, but besides that they have always treated me fairly,” said Kiley Sheets, senior.

Many jobs have beneficial pay and hours, and will work with whatever schedule you have.