Student Spotlight: Rylee Shields

This week’s student spotlight is sophomore Rylee Shields.

“My favorite part about high school so far, is the experiences. They are things that I will never forget,” said Shields.

Shields says that Ms. Stafford is her favorite teacher because,” She is very funny  and sarcastic, and just one of those teachers that you can talk to about anything.”

Her favorite thing to do outside of school is to hang out with her friends.

The person that she says inspires her the most is her youth pastor. “His fire for God and how he goes about life is just amazing,” she says.

Shields says that after high school she plans to attend James Madison University, and then start traveling after she graduates college.

Some of her hobbies are singing, dancing, and baking.

Shields says that she prefers dogs over cats because,”I’ve grown up around them and can’t imagine anything else.”

She says the thing that motivates her the most is,”Knowing that there is always an end goal and if I try my best, I can reach it.”