Spring Break: A Time to Unwind

Spring break freedom is just weeks away.

The afternoon of Fri., April 7, begins a vacation of nine consecutive days away from school.

After three stressful months of hard work, with no snow days, teachers and students are glad to finally get a break away from the craziness.

Spring break began as a weeklong vacation intended originally for college students back in the early 1930s. It is now a vacation period for most all American students.

Students often take this time to go places or spend time relaxing with their loved ones.

Students enjoying their spring break.

“I travel every year for spring break. This year I plan on going to the beach with my family for the week,” said Kamori Smith, junior.

States like California and Florida offer beautiful sunny beaches and affordable, fun activities.

Many college students travel to foreign places such as Cancun, Mexico.

However, there are many inexpensive places for high school students to travel.

“My family and I like to travel to Daytona Beach during spring break. It’s an affordable and safe place to visit,” said Dylan Buchanan, senior.

Spring break is a time to unwind and relax whether you’re alone or with friends and family.

“I plan on going to Myrtle Beach with my girlfriend to golf and enjoy the water,” said Tyler Hoffman.

“I’m going to North Myrtle Beach with my girlfriend with her family for a week,” said Dylan Buchanan.

“I will spend my spring break with friends or enjoy the week off at home,” stated Payton Anderson.

“This spring break I will spend a lot of time with friends,” said Austin Smith.

“My family and I are going to the Dominican Republic this spring break,” said Avery Blair.

” For my spring break I will hopefully visit my future college, “said Kendell Saunders.