Senior Spotlight: Pedro Bautista

Pedro Bautista is a senior who has a serious case of senioritis.

He works as a chef at Massaki, a Japanese restaurant, five days a week and makes good money for a high school student.

“I love my job, but sometimes it can be frustrating. I can’t wait until I graduate and get a better job.”

Even though he sometimes has fun at school, he still dreads waking up early to come and learn.

“I don’t understand why we have to wake up so early to come to school for seven hours.”

He does often have good moments at school while he is here with his friends.

“I never hang out with my friends outside of school because of work, so I like being able to see them at school.”

Pedro wants to work in a factory and go to school for welding, and he can’t wait until he can get school over with.

“I really hope school goes by fast so I can stop stressing over grades and leave it all behind.”