Senior Superlatives

Senior superlatives for the 2022-23 school year were announced.

Seniors submitted their votes for their superlatives to Mrs. Erin Hall, yearbook sponsor, two weeks ago.

Each superlative has a female and male representative, and there was one tie this year.

  • Most Athletic: Kendell Sanders and Trinity Brooks 
  • Best Dressed: Juelz Williams and Andyn Cornell
  • Best Sneeze: Timmie Bradley and Kiara Jones
  • Most Likely to Become a Social Media Influencer: Landon McDaniel and Mary Spain
  • Most Likely to use a GPS to Navigate Chatham: Colin Lester and Lillie Dix
  • Most Likely to Become President: Cody Scarce and Rebecca Shields
  • Most Changed Since Freshman Year: Aidan Hall and Daisy McLeod
  • Most Likely to be Late to Their Own Wedding: Evan Jones and Mary Spain
  • Best Laugh: Ryan Meadows and Xaviana ‘Duchess’ Rodgers
  • Best Hair: Ryan Wells and Amaiya Griffin
  • Most School Spirited: Colin Lester and Samantha Woods
  • Best Person to be Stranded With on a Deserted Island: Sterling Maness and Paige Nixon
  • Most Likely to Come Back Here and Work: Sterling Maness and Kasey Martin
  • Best Person to Bring Home to Parents: Cody Scarce and Emma Foley
  • Most Likely to Perform at Their Own Concert: Jalen Martin, Ciara Keen, and Kaylin Sandridge
  • Most Likely to Have Art in a Museum: Pedro Bautista and Tia Davidson

The winners of the superlatives were excited to be acknowledged, and some found them funny.

“I mean, I know I can’t drive well, but I can at least navigate the main road in Chatham,” said Lillie Dix, the winner of the GPS superlative. Dix was expecting to be nominated for that category, due to her prior driving history.

Cody Scarce, who took two superlatives was a bit more understanding of his awards. “I’m glad the two that I did get were the nicest ones. They really made me seem like an all around good guy,” said Scarce.

Senior superlatives will be featured in the yearbook to be distributed at the end of this school year.