Varsity Baseball Game against Magna Vista

Cavs took the win against Magna Vista 7-1 last Thursday.

Alex VanPelt managed to hit a pair of RBls and also gets the win striking out five while allowing one run.

Zander Cornell, junior;  Jake Moore, senior; Kennen Lewis, junior; Ben Williams, junior;  and Cody Walden, junior all drive a run a piece.

Magna Vista had a lot to say about the Cavs during the game.

“They were all talking smack even though they lost by a lot,” said Cornell.

“We shut them up after we kept throwing strikes,” said VanPelt.

All the players are excited to see how the season progresses; they feel they have room for improvement.

“We need to work on a few things, but overall we are off to a good start, ” said Lewis.

“We all need to work on our plays and how we work together as a group,” said Cornell.

“They definitely need to be hitting more barrels,” said team manger Hunter Moser.

The team is off to a great start.

“We didn’t get to play Tunstall for our first game[the field was too wet], but we started off the season with a great game,” said Lewis.

“The game couldn’t have gone any better for our first game, and we hope to continue down the same path the rest of the season,” said VanPelt.