Anatomy Class Dissect Sheep Eye

An anatomy class recently dissected a sheep’s eye.

“The goal of the dissection is to understand how the eye works,” said Mrs. Rebecca Parsons, anatomy teacher.

The students began by putting on all of their protective gear: gloves, protective glasses, closed toe shoes, and aprons.

Each pair of students selected an eye out of the bucket of chemicals where they were stored.

The students cut into the eye, removed fatty tissue, and cut the eye in half. They observed and felt the parts of the eye. This helps them better visualize the parts they need to learn.

The students closely observed the eye ball then cut out the cornea, which is the clear part of the eye that covers the iris (colored part of the eye), and pupil ( black opening in center of eye). Each part was carefully observed.

The class was quizzed on the different parts of the eye to make sure everyone knew where the different parts were for an upcoming test.

“I found the whole process very interesting. I enjoyed getting to view the different parts that make up our eye. For example, the innermost layer of the eye had a very cool color to the center that I found to be fascinating,” said Trinity Brooks, senior.

“I really enjoyed the dissection part of the assignment. It made me feel like a professional, and it was tons of fun. My favorite part was getting to open up the eye to see what it looks like on the inside,” said Carrington Aaron, senior.

“I enjoyed cutting out the cornea of the eye so I could see the iris up close and see what color the sheep’s eye was. I also enjoyed getting to be interactive with my class as we all experienced this for the first time,” said Spencer Boon, junior.

Sheep’s eye cut in half with extra fat and parts to the side.
Carrington Aaron, senior, enjoyed the dissection process.