Why Seniors Don’t Have Their Driver’s Licenses

A big symbol of freedom and autonomy is a driver’s license.

Students are allowed to get their licenses at age 16. After that, they feasibly can get a job, play after school sports, and go where they want without relying on anyone.

“I enjoy being able to go anywhere without worrying about getting a ride,” said Zach Thompson, senior.

Some students choose to not get their license despite the independence it offers.

The reasons seem to be apathy or the inability to actually get it done.

“I didn’t care enough to get one until there were places I wanted to go and nobody was willing to give me a ride,” said an anonymous student.

“I don’t have one because of financial problems; I don’t have a way to reliably make money to pay for insurance and gas, and I am also deathly terrified of the people who can’t drive in Danville,” said Bryton Bernardez, senior.

Some students simply waited too long to get their learning permits, so they have to wait to get their license.

At age fifteen, six months, students may take a test and get their learner’s permit. At At sixteen, three months, you may get your license. Students under age 18 must have a learner’s permit for nine months.

“I have my permit. I have to wait to get my license for like fifty more days,” said Dakota Eanes, senior.

There are also students who don’t have someone to teach them how to drive, and getting a tutor is expensive, and they can only do so much in a short period of time.

“I have my permit, but my mom is too busy to teach me how to drive,” Said Alex Siebert, senior.

It is important right of passage and privilege, for students to get their license. This can open numerous opportunities for them in their daily lives and can make it possible for them to have their own experiences.