Leaving on the wrong bell.

All students are to leave on the appropriate bell.

First load bus riders go first, followed by second load. Last are car riders and drivers.

Principal Jason Reece announced recently that car riders and drivers will lose their driving privileges if they are caught leaving on the incorrect bell.

Many students do not understand what the big deal is.

“When car riders/drivers are trying to get out of the school parking lot during the first load bell, it causes traffic [to back up], and the buses can’t get to the middle school on time to pick up the kids over at Chatham Middle,” said Ms. Allie Reid, math teacher.

Other students have reasons why they have to leave as close to 3:00 as possible.

”I have to get to my house before my little brother’s school bus, he can’t stay at home alone,” said sophomore Mollie Franklin.

”I have work four days a week, I have to get to work on time, that is why I leave on the first bell,” said junior Mallory Farrell.

”I left on the first bell so I could get to the locker room to change for softball practice,” said freshman Sydney Scarce.

A bus driver took a picture of one of the license plates of a student leaving the school before the second load bell run which resulted in Reese immediately addressing the problem.

”Though we all want to get home earlier than usual, we must obey the rule and leave on the correct bus load, ” said senior Dylan Buchanan.