After Prom Tickets

After Prom tickets and shirts are on sale March 27-31 in the cafeteria.

“The price for shirts for you and your date is $15. They are on sale Mon., March 27, during all three lunches for students to purchase,” said the After Prom committee.

“I am really excited for prom, and I am even more excited about after prom,” said freshman Shara Clark.

Many people are excited about the prizes that will be given away.

“I heard that the prizes are big and expensive, and I really hope I go home with one or two,” said junior Dixie Parsons.

Although many people are excited to go, many people don’t agree with the ticket prices.

“I am really looking forward to prom and after prom, but I’m not looking forward to the prices,” said senior Pedro Bautista, “The prom tickets are $20 and the after prom tickets are $15. That’s $35 just for one person.”

“I don’t think that I will be going to prom or after prom,” said junior Teiojae Brandon, “It’s just too much money for the dress, tickets, and a ride.”