Hall’s Pastry Shop Closing

Hall’s Pastry Shop, Piney Forest Road, is closing April 1, after 48 years.

Michael Hall, owner, announced the closing on Facebook.

“We sincerely love and appreciate all of our customers and their continued support over the years,” Hall said.

“We will continue making our most popular products for the next week, but will be limited on our more unique desserts,” Hall said.

“It definitely sucks. I mean we’ve lost so many good businesses in Danville since COVID; it’s sad to see another one go, especially with how good their donuts are,” said Eli Goins, a junior.

The Facebook post amassed over 300 comments and over 1000 reactions. People shared their sadness, along with congratulated Hall on his retirement.

“Their donuts were the best in town, but nothing could top their oatmeal cookies,” said Cora Liggon, a sophomore.

The last day to grab a treat is next Sat., April 1. The shop will be open from 8 a.m. till 2 p.m.