Student Spotlight: Alexandra Smotherman

This week’s Student Spotlight is sophomore Alexandra Smotherman.

“My favorite part of high school would probably have to be the pep rallies and seeing my friends,” Smotherman said.

Currently Ms. Stafford is her favorite teacher,”She’s a great teacher and a very fun and kind person,” she said.

“I enjoy drawing, reading, and jogging after school. I would like to start biking,” Smotherman said.

“My dad is the person who inspires me the most; he’s been through a lot of really hard things in his life, and yet he’s made it through,” said Smotherman, “He is super inspiring, and I feel like I can live up to that.”

“I do  not know what I want to do when I graduate high school,” she said. “My hobbies are drawing, reading, and writing stories.”

“I prefer cats over dogs; I love cats so much!! I have a cat named Frodo whom I love dearly,” Smotherman said.

“The thing that motivates me  the most is seeing other people succeed in what they are doing,” she said.