Teens not getting enough sleep.

Teens do not get enough sleep.

Messed up sleep schedules can keep teens up even when they want to sleep. Inadequate sleep can cause students do poorly in school and sports.

There are many different reasons why teens tend to stay up at night. The most common reason is the use of technology. Students stay up too long looking at their phones.

Teens often take the weekends to stay up all night because they know that they can sleep all; this causes sleep deprivations in teens.

”I stay up super late on the weekend and sleep most of the day, and then turn around and do it again that night,” said freshman Brooklyn Moser.

”I think I will fix my sleep schedules by staying up late one night and making myself tired throughout the day so I will sleep later that night,” said freshman Cole Farrell.

Staying up all night makes teens more exhausted even when they are thinking it’s fixing the sleep issue. This makes the body weaker , which leads to no motivation to do anything throughout the day, other than lie in bed.

”I think it’s okay to stay up a little later than usual on a weekend rather than a school night that way you are not hurting yourself by messing up your sleep schedule,” said junior Canaan Sloane.