Sushi Restaurants

Sushi is the best food ever according to many students.

Fortunately there are many options at several restaurants in Danville.

Coco Ni is a small restaurant at 459 Mt Cross Rd C, Danville, and they have many types of sushi from sushi rolls to sushi burritos. Their menu is here:

Pangea Asian Fusion is a new restaurant to Danville at 112 Westover Dr. They offer many items including sushi, soups, salads, hibachi, and Chinese food. Pangea is a great place to eat food from countries around the world. Pangea’s prices are a little more on the expensive side, but the taste is worth the price. Their menu is here:

Masaki Hibachi and Sushi Bar at 4054 Franklin Turnpike is known for their great sushi platters. Masaki makes family size plates of sushi for you and the whole family to enjoy. They have many choices of sushi and they also offer fish, hibachi, salads, and boba tea. Their menu is here:

“I love getting the snow crab and asparagus roll from Masaki. All the flavors just combine together and it is such a good sushi roll to get,” said Gracie Hyler, sophomore.

Entree from Pangea Asian Fusion in Danville