Piercings: The New Trend

A body piercing is a modification to the body that creates a hole where jewelry can be worn.

There are many different kinds of piercings.

Some of the most popular piercings include: ear, nose, belly, tongue, cartilage, and rook.

Piercings have always been around, but they are very popular today in teens.

It’s widely displayed on social media, especially TikTok.

Popular influences receive these modifications, so it encourages others to get them.

However, people may get piercings for their own satisfaction without the need for social influence.

Ear piercings chart.

“Piercings are a way of expression. It makes me feel more confident about myself,” said Ke’Andria Younger, freshman.

While piercings can be cool and pretty accessories, they can be relatively expensive.

For example, a simple nose ring costs $40.

“Altogether, I paid $260 for all my piercings. My belly button cost $40, for both of my ears it cost $20; my nose rings were $120,” said Jaliyah Word, senior.

Some people don’t mind paying a pretty penny for these modifications, others may take another route and do it themselves.

“I did all of my piercings myself because the pricing to get them professionally done was so expensive,” said Jordan Davall, senior.

Many people resort to buying fake jewelry since pricing is so high, but having knockoff jewelry tends to have side effects.

“Wearing fake earrings makes my ears scab up and turn red, so I don’t wear them often,” said Jayden Wilson, freshman.

It is likely that you may run into a person who has a fear of needles or pain; however, some people enjoy getting piercings because it gives them a thrill.

“I love getting piercings. It felt good because I like pain,” said Zaniah Bridgeforth, freshman.

Piercing have become a trendy and popular type of body modification for teens.