Student Pets

CHS students love their favorite pets.

Many students have at least one pet in their households ranging from dogs to rodents.

“I have four dogs: Avery is a Chihuahua beagle mix, Sushi is an American Eskibo, Blue is a Bluetick coonhound, and Token is a lab mix rescue. Two out of four of my dogs are rescues and they are the best dogs we’ve had,” said Samantha Woods, senior.

” I have one dog and his name is Oscar. He is Dachshund and is 11 years old. My favorite thing about him is his mean smile,” said Dylan Buchanan, senior.

“I have a dog with a disability. Her name is Gracie; she is a French bulldog,” said Tyler Hoffman, senior.

“I have four dogs and two cats.Warhol is a Newfoundland; Rosie and Loki are rottweilers; and Marley is a yellow lab. The dogs are pretty calm but occasionally act rowdy. My cats Clementine and Cinda are chill, but they tend to scare my dogs,” said Ayden Plautz, senior.

“I have three pets a hedge hog, cat, and a dog. My hedgehog’s name is Darkle. My cat’s name is Freya, and my dog’s name is Sarah,” said Emily Blevins, sophomore.

Samantha Wood’s dog “Blue”
Dylan Buchanan’s dog ” Oscar” with the “mean” smile.