Student Spotlight: Kayle Santiago

Kayle Santiago is a sophomore who is planning ahead for her future.

She is a hard-working student and can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. She is planning her future career, and she is working hard to meet her goals.

Kayle Santiago

“I am applying to multiple jobs in hopes that I can make money to get a car,” she said. “Right now, my grandpa and aunt are having to take me back and forth to the places I need to be and I feel really bad for doing so.”

Kayle is planning to take advanced classes next year in order to get a head start on her future plans.

“I really hope that I can take advanced classes next year, so that I can go to PCTC and hopefully receive a degree from DCC, too,” she said.

Although she is planning ahead, she still has many obstacles in her way. “I have to get my learner’s permit, so that way I can drive myself to and from work. I am still waiting on someone to contact me for an interview from my job applications.”