Springtime Hangouts

There are many places in the Danville area to visit while it’s getting warmer outside.

“I like walking on the Riverwalk in Danville,” said sophomore Kayle Santiago.”It’s fun to start from Dan Daniel Park and then end up walking all the way to the city with the cool breeze from the river.”

“Going to Link’s Coffee is really nice now that it’s getting warmer,” said junior Sarah Parsons.”I like getting the cold coffees or the smoothies, and you can sit outside on the bench in the shade.”

“There’s a place in downtown Danville called Delish, and it’s so tasty,” said freshman Sage Slone.”It’s almost like SweetFrog, but in my opinion I think it’s better, plus you can get a smoothie or a slushie and those are really good.”

There are places to go to in the Chatham and Tightsqueeze area too.

“Calland’s Coffee is a great place for the weather because the iced coffee is really good,” said sophomore Alexis Easom.”I go there instead of Starbucks sometimes, but Starbucks is also a good place because the Dragon Fruit drink is really cool.”

“During the spring time there is a truck that comes to Tightsqueeze or on Main Street Chatham that sells different types of foods and beverages,” said freshman Faith Hyler. “They also have really good funnel cakes that they serve, and it goes great with the big lemonade cups you can get to reuse.”

“I love going to eat at Subway and then getting their ice cream,” said sophomore Anna Hall.”I always get the chicken bacon ranch sub and the afterwards I get a big waffle cone and sit outside to eat it.”

While it starts to get warmer outside, there are a variety of places to go to stay cool and have some fun with friends.