Chatham vs Appomattox

Chatham Lady Cavs varsity softball lost to Appomattox but they played a great game.

Cora Liggon, sophomore, had an outstanding game ending with 11 strikeouts.

Heidi Tosh had 1 (H) Hits , 2 (B) Bases , 2 (TB)Total bases.

Anna Willow had 2 (HBP) Hit by pitch.

Brailen Patterson had 7(LOB) Left on base.

“Throughout the whole game, the team played great defense but also have a lot to work on when it comes to being at the plate,” said junior Brailen Patterson.

In the third inning, Appomattox scored one run, but Chatham fought back and scored two right after. Following that in the seventh inning Appomattox scored another run holding the game 2-2 that stayed the same until the ninth inning where Appomattox scored two more runs walking out the game with a finial score of 4-2.

“Throughout the whole game, there was great energy coming from all the players,” said Chasity Emerson, mother of Nicole Emerson, junior.

“Even though we lost, we put up a fight against the team we wanted to beat,” said Liggons.

We will beat them when we play them again,” said junior Trinity Custer.

“There’s more work to be done as a team to be the best, and we will get there,”  said, freshman Maddie Sharp.