Student Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest problems facing students when it comes to doing their assignments.

Postponing work is a shame when a student who is smart and capable waits until the last minute to do everything. Then the project turns out rushed and oversimplified.

Students find ways to justify procrastinating by saying things like ‘I’ll work on it all day tomorrow’ or ‘I have a week to do it why would I stress about it on the first day?’ This mentality is killing students’ work ethic and makes their work sloppier.

“During Covid, I waited until the least minute to do everything in the second semester, and failed two classes, and I almost failed English. If I failed the last (English) assignment I would have failed for the year and either had to retake it over the summer, or completely redo sophomore year,” said an anonymous senior.

One thing a student can do is to set up work schedules to maximize the amount they do per day. Even then the motivation to actually start assignments is hard for some students to muster.

“I just don’t have motivation so I wait to do it until right before it’s due, then I have to rush to finish it,” said Zach Thompson, senior.

Some students have different reason for procrastinating.

“The world doesn’t move at everybody else’s speed; it moves at mine,” said Bryton Bernardez senior.

Students don’t have much motivation to actually do the assignment, and it shows especially with the senior class beginning to be affected by senioritis.

If students are unable to gain motivation then there is something wrong and there need to get help.

A lot of students are beginning to get burnout because of the stress they have endured during the year, and they only want it all to be over.

“I wait until the last minute to finish assignments because I have no motivation and only want to graduate,” said an anonymous senior.

Something needs to be done in order to help students with their motivation.

Breaks during the year are a great for students’ stress and to reduce burnout, but the short breaks students do get sometimes aren’t enough. Burnout and senioritis are still major issues along with apathy and just wanting the year to be done.

It isn’t enough to just do the bare minimum, especially with graduation fastly approaching, and students and teachers need to work together to make sure that the students keep their initiative. This could be done by students creating and keeping to a schedule, and teachers creating interesting assignments and lessons to keep their attention.