Student with Credit Cards

Some students have begun putting themselves in debt by using credit cards.

Students get credit cards for various reasons, one of them is to build a credit score.

“I wanted to increase my credit score for when I move out of my parents’ house,” said Ryan Minter, senior.

Others want a credit card just so they can buy stuff without worrying about how much it costs. This perspective can severely impact people later in life, unless the bill is consistently paid off as you go.

“I have a credit card so I don’t have to worry about getting the money, and only have to worry about it later,” said an anonymous student, junior.

Some keep credit cards for emergencies; most of the time the card is in their parents’ name.

“I only have one in case of an emergency, and usually either I pay it off, or depending on what it is, my mom will pay it off,” said Ethan Herwitz, junior.

While having a credit card can be helpful with building your credit and buying things when you are slightly short, it is important to remember to not spend more than the person is able to pay back at one time.

One of the worst things a student can do is to put themselves in debt while they are still basically kids, especially when college is fastly approaching for some.

Debt or a poor credit score can hinder the ability to be financially stable and can hurt the student’s chances of getting a place to live, or getting a loan later in life.