Students getting pulled over

A traffic stop is often a frequent occurrence for young drivers.

I got pulled over for speeding when I first got my license. I was definitely nervous, but my parents taught me what to do if I ever got pulled over. I was very cooperative with the officer but I still got a speeding ticket. Once I got to court, they dropped the charge since it was my first one, and I was very respectful to the judge and officer.

Many students have been pulled over around Pittsylvania County for different circumstances and outcomes.

“I got pulled over for my exhaust being too loud. I wasn’t really nervous or anything, but it definitely sucked having to sit on the side of the road with the officer,” said, Austin Whitlow, senior.

“I freaked out because I had just got my license a week before, and I didn’t think I had done anything wrong when he pulled me over. I got my car from North Carolina so I didn’t have a front license plate and that’s why I got pulled over,” said, Faith Oakes, freshman. “I didn’t get a ticket, but I fixed the infraction.”

” I cried when I got my ticket. I was so scared because I thought I was going to lose my license or go to jail. I got a ticket, but luckily it didn’t go on my record,” said Samantha Woods, senior.

When getting pulled over, remain calm, keep your hands on the steering wheels, and cooperate with the officer.