Effect Divorced Parents

Many students are affected daily by their parents’ divorces.

As a marriage ends, some parents may find themselves asking the question “Do we stay together for the kids?”  Other parents find divorce is the only solution.

A divorce can cause different effects on different children.

Some students find it stressful on themselves; some rebound faster than others.

”My grades started dropping as well as my mental health when my parents divorced.” said sophomore Mollie Franklin.

Some students believe they are the reason their parents decided to divorce, which causes stress and mental health issues.

”Growing up is complicated on its own, but growing up with divorced parents made it even harder for me,” said junior Mallory Farrell.

Teens often understand whats happening, and their most common reaction was anger because the divorce interfered with their daily lives which becomes a reason for rage.

Students must learn ways to cope with their parents’ divorce.

For example, good advice is don’t bottle your feelings up; share your feelings with people you trust. Be fair to both parents, don’t choose sides.

Use activities such as journaling, puzzles, yoga, cooking, spending time with your pets, and keep doing things you enjoy.

Almost always, the reason parents divorce has nothing to do with the children; it’s a personal problem between the two parents.