Students Who Work after School

Students have school jobs to earn money for college and their lives after school.

One of the most popular example of this is restaurant work.

“My first job was in a restaurant, although it’s a good first job, I never want to work in one again,” said an anonymous junior.

Most jobs that don’t require experience are great ways for students to gain work experience and for them to get extra spending money, and save money for college.

Some students are starting their own businesses online, where they take cheap items from other sites and sell them for an upcharge on Amazon. This is a common thing for people striving to be financially independent, and who don’t want an ordinary job.

“I started learning about selling things online so I gave it a try, and suddenly I was making a decent amount a month,” said an anonymous junior.

Some students work for construction jobs and are even getting internships while in college.

“I’m working in construction, and when I graduate, my boss will pay for an internship and my college so I can take over his business,” said Aiden Hall, senior.

There are a number of students who work in different shops for their first jobs.

“I work at Tightsqueeze Hardware;  the main thing I do there is inventory, and I am a cashier,” said Chloe Lambert, senior.

Some students don’t intend to work during the school year.

“I don’t have a job, because I don’t want one right now. I might get one over the summer,” said Zach Thompson, senior.

Jobs can teach students responsibility and help them save money for the future.