Your Dream Teacher

Many students have a dream celebrity whom they would love as a teacher.

“I’d hire Ryan Reynolds to be my teacher,” said sophomore Lane Burke. “He is a very funny and charming guy, and I think he’d be the perfect teacher for me.”

“I’d love to have Danny Devito as my teacher,” said sophomore Madison Swanson. “I’ve never seen a better man in my life to be someone’s teacher. He even has the best voice possible for that.”

“Billie Eilish would be a great teacher for me,” said sophomore Madison Meadows. “Me [sic] and her [sic] would bond over music and have fun just chilling together.”

“I believe Morgan Freeman would be the best teacher,” said sophomore Isaiah Younger. “His voice alone would make me wanna listen to whatever he has to say.”

“Definitely would have to have Billy West,” said sophomore Rylee Shields. “He’s not like a popular movie star, but I love his voice and I feel like me and him [sic]  would get along.”

“I’d probably have Elizabeth Gillies as my actress of choice,” said freshman Jayla Miller. “She’s a very tough and direct girl, and I’d like to have someone who wouldn’t mind speaking their mind during a class.”