Sparkle and Shine: Prom 2023

Students had a great time at the 2023 junior and senior prom.

“I had a great time because I was there with the people that I hang out with the most,” said Isaiah Harris, junior.

“My favorite part about prom was that everyone looked fantastic, and I felt like I was ready to walk on the red carpet,” said Gracie Hyler, sophomore.

There were some opinions on how the students felt about so many teachers being there. All faculty is always required to be present.

“It did not really affect me because it was my prom, and I had so much fun regardless of how many teachers were there,” said James Long, junior.

Teachers thought that the students’ behavior was outstanding.

“I thought overall the students behavior was very good, no complaints,”said Zackary Williams, science teacher.

Prom 2023
Shara Clark, freshman, and Ms. Makayla Dalton, math teacher, strike a pose.

“I think that everyone looked amazing, and I was very pleased that everyone was in the dress code,” said Makayla Dalton, math teacher.