School Uniforms

Students wearing school uniforms.

Pittsylvania County Schools do not require students to wear specific uniforms or outfits to attend, however, there is a dress code allowing students to wear what they want with guidelines to follow.

There is an estimate of 20% of schools in the U.S. that require students to wear uniforms to attend according to USNews.

“I think that uniforms are unnecessary,” said sophomore Katie Moore. “It seems weird to wear the same clothes over and over again without having a different style to change over to.”

“Uniforms are a good idea in my opinion,” said sophomore Lane Burke. “I wouldn’t want to wear them, but they cause less distractions if everyone is wearing the same type of outfit so that way everyone stays on topic.”

“School uniforms are a no for me,” said sophomore Amaria Stanfield. “Which the dress code in Chatham is already strict enough to begin with.”

“School uniforms wouldn’t be my first choice in fashion, but I wouldn’t mind it,” said sophomore Rylee Shields. “I like wearing what I want to wear for the most part though.”

“I dislike the idea of there being a uniform,” said junior Rin Parsons. “I love wearing what I like to wear in school. I enjoy being comfy in clothing versus me wearing something that is most likely uncomfortable.”