Graduation Requirements and Other Information for Seniors

Graduation is less than a month away and seniors are going to have to dress up to walk across the stage.

One of the most important passages for children transitioning into adults is their high school graduation.

CHS students are required to wear certain clothing.

Boys must wear: solid black pants, shoes, socks, a tie, and a plain, white collared shirt.

Girls must wear: dress or skirt that is shorter than the gown, black heels or sandals, and no large pieces of jewelry.

If students attempt to come to graduation wearing anything else, they will not be allowed to walk during graduation and will receive their diplomas later on.

Graduation practice attendance is required, May 26, at 2 p.m.

Students also wear their graduation gowns at the Awards Assembly at 9 a.m., Fri., May 12.

The Graduation of Merit dinner on Thurs., May 18, 6 p.m., at Averett does not require graduation attire.

Graduates should arrive for the graduation ceremony by 5 p.m. to ensure adequate time for set up.

Tickets are required for entry into graduation. Lost tickets will not be replaced. No exceptions.

Each student will receive a total of 12 tickets to graduation. Ten are general admission tickets and two are reserved.

Some students will not use them, and if so, they may give those to others who need more.

If tickets are available outside of student trading, the administration will let both parents and students know when the information becomes available.

here are a number of bleacher seats that will be open to the general public at 5:50 but these seats are first come first serve.

Tickets are needed to sit in the blue seats (with backs) on the right hand side of the gym, the bleacher seats on the right hand side closest to the stage and the bleacher seats on the left hand side of the gym which are closest to the stage.

Junior Marshalls will take the reserved tickets and show you the correct section to sit in. Be sure to get a ticket if you leave your seat and return it when you come back. These seats are on a first come basis and are open to the general public at 5:50 PM (with tickets).


Only students in good standing will be able to attend graduation. If a student has ISS that will not be able to be used until the next year, they will not be able to walk during graduation. Any debt to the school should be paid by May 19, or there will be fines when the tickets are going out.

No food, drinks, balloons, or strollers are allowed in the gym due to fire codes. No visitors allowed in the side hall before or after the ceremony, and graduates will meet in the gym before they receive their diplomas.

Students and parents must be respectful by not being obnoxious or by bringing noise makers to the graduation. Vandalism will be charged by Averett if any takes place.

The school asks students and parents not to leave seats to take pictures during the ceremony. A photographer will take pictures of the graduates as they cross the stage, which can later be ordered during the summer.

Do not leave until all of the other graduates have finished walking across the stage and the ceremony is over.

The parking for graduates will be in the back of the gym and the only thing students should bring with them is their keys.

Students are incentivized to not chew gum, bring phones, sunglasses, large pieces of jewelry, or add ornaments to additions to their caps ( which should be placed flat on your head) and gowns. Students should stay in the side hall, and not the gym or lobby before the ceremony begins.